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New Wonderful World; Foreword; Welcome; 1 The Dalai Lama; 2 First things first; 3 The future; 4 The law of cause and effect; 5 Why? 6 The amendment of an image; 7 Does satan have a leg to stand on? 8 Gratitude; 9 The only key that leads to longer life; 10 Terra firma Holy ground; 11 Conclusion and some of the clues; 12 Pacifism and the ...

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Description A Wonderful New World: Ho-Seung, an unpopular office worker who works for one of the largest corporations in Korea, is crouched over like a sinner because he was accused of setting up a camera in the women's bathroom. In the end, however, he was proven to be innocent. Then one day, he was suddenly notified of his reassignment by the team manager.

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Hãy đọc truyện A Wonderful New World để phát hiện ra thế giới mới của những con người như Ho Seung là gì nhé. Xem thêm. Cảnh báo độ tuổi: Bộ truyện bạn đang xem thuộc nhóm Truyện Tranh 18+, bao gồm nhiều hình ảnh không phù hợp với trẻ em dưới 18 tuổi.

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